Botin De Cuchilleros

On the Calle De Cuchilleros, near Plaza Mayor in Madrid sits a little unknown secret. This secret is called Botin…and it’s only the oldest restaurant in the world. Founded in 1725 the building of Botin was once a shanty house which eventually become displaced to flats above it.

It has simply been a restaurant ever since except for occasional guests staying at the ‘house’ every so often.
The cellar which in my opinion is primitive to the building is thought to be the original and one glance at it and this quickly becomes true. We were very lucky to be given a table in the basement right next to the cellar.

The old original brick work is still very much part of this quaint building with old stone walkways and stairwells throughout which take you back to how the Spanish would have inhabited in the 17th Century.

It is beautiful and quaint with traditional live music playing whilst you eat. The food was good (my boyfriend said it was without doubt the best steak he ever had) and the wine was even better. You almost get drunk on the atmosphere and the multi culture that’s going on around you.

Now formally known as the old ‘ Botin de Cuchilleros’ this gorgeous wee piece of history is worth splashing out for. I for one feel very privileged to have dined in the oldest restaurant in the world.


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