International day of Happiness.

I know I’m a day late (night duty plays havoc with dates) but yesterday was international day of Happiness. What a beautiful thing to celebrate. 
We all want to be happy, that’s the easy part. It’s figuring out what makes us happy that doesn’t always come as we would like. And of course it’s a very individual thing. We are faced every day with money worries, jobs that we don’t particularly like, mental health issues, physical illness, bad news and routine, worry and anxiety. All these things along with many others unfortunately prevent us from reaching the height of our healthy wellbeing. 

Routine is thought to be one of the biggest contributors to poor mental health and it’s a known fact that worry can make us sick, effect or skin and our appetite as well as out mental and physical health. 
For me being happy is my loved ones being happy. Seeing my family healthy and my friends content. Fearne Cotton recently published her book ‘Happy’ and one of her things to do is to make a list. Here’s my wee list ( which made me smile just writing it). Trust me, have a think, write your ‘Happy’ thoughts down and go back to it every so often. 

Things that make me happy 😀
1. My mums smile

2. My dog running in leaves and long grass. 

3. Reading books

4. Coffee ( and plenty of it) 

5. Red wine after a 14 hour shift

6. Donating blood.

7. My friends babies

8. My best friends ( they are the best any girl could ask for).

9. Drinking Prosecco on a lazy summers day in London with my sister. 

10. Travelling…I love the smell of new countries.

11. Stamps on my passport.

12. Eating buns at the beach with my mum. 

13. My dad’s patience ( he has the patience of a saint) 

14. The smell of Sea Air .

15. Hearing my boyfriend laugh. 

16. My dog Tate’s ears. There all over the place and I love them. 

17. Hearing those words.. I Love You. ❤

18. The smell of a new book. 

19. Getting my nails done. 

20. Booking a flight to a place I’ve never been before. 

That’s my list. I could go on and on and I have to say that doing the list is so therapeutic. Go on…try it…I dare ye. 

Love Janine at Jewellbooks


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