Retiro Park, Madrid.

Retiro Park is the largest public park in Madrid and is known locally and literally as ‘Park of the Pleasant Retreat’. It covers an amazing 350 acres and is filled from start to finish with beautiful sculptures, monuments and lakes.

The park originally belonged to royalty and has had massive royal involvement since the 1500’s. It was originally made as part of a church retreat for the royal family. In the 1630’s the park was known locally as ‘The World Art Wonder of the Time’ and is thought to be one of the best things to come out of the Renaissance in Spain.

Close to the Northern entrance of Retiro Park is the ‘Estanque del Retiro’ A large artificial pond over looked by the monument of King Alfonso XII. This is simply stunning and is a popular place for boat lovers and rowers. Further into the park is the famous Paseo de la Argentina and the Rosaleda (rose-garden.

To me there was not an awful lot to do in Madrid but this park is a must see. It is beautifully finished and swamped in culture. Allow a full day to see the whole of the park and everything it has to offer.


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