Then, Now, Always by Isabelle Broom


As always Isabelle Broom has had me pulling out my trusty backpack and frantically searching for last minute holiday deals online.  Such a beautiful book set in what sounds like the most idealic spanish village.

Mojacar is the where we set our scene, which is in the province of Almeria in southern Spain.  This book has it beautifully detailed, down to the very sights, sounds and smells. In the book we follow Hannah, a researcher, her best friend Tom, a photographer and their boss Theo as they set off to make a documentary of Mojacar and the people who live there.

It follows them around this beautiful island and all their ups and downs laid out on the pages.  Hannah who is head over heels about Theo, Tom and Hannahs relationship which is very much ‘will they, wont they’ and then to add to the chaos you have Claudette.  A man eating French woman and Nancy, Hannahs half sister who shows up out of the blue.

Each character was just as essential to the plot and story line as the others.  We meet Elaine, an ex pat which her own tragic reasons for leaving England and Diego the bar owner.  All these people brought their own wee storyline to the forefront.  It follows the path of so-called true love and heartbreak, friendly banter to massive blows and realising true happiness isn’t always where we believe it to be hidden or gained.

What strikes me as quite fascinating is that there is narrations of Mojacar for the documentary written within the descriptions of the book which cannot be an easy thing to do.  It was as if the author was writing a duo.

Then, Now, Always is beautifully depicted and impeccably written.  A feel good book with escapism on every page.  What more could a girl ask for.



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