Happy 4th Birthday Jewellbooks


Four years ago to the day I was at home messing about on my laptop. We were getting a new floor laid and I was confined to the living room. Always a keen reader, I had started to read ‘blogs’ and watch ‘vlogs’ as this seemed the new thing to do. A new craze if you like.
If I’m honest I didn’t really know what a blog was but I found I couldn’t tear myself away. Being a dummy at computers (I can only do the basics like switch it on) I decided to do a step by step host website set up. And very quickly got into the swing of it.

Jewellbooks was born that day on a very amateur level from a host site. And so the obsession began. 4 years on and I have worldwide followers, a diploma in Freelance Travel Journalism, I’m professionally reviewing books and I have travelled (some) of the world. I cannot believe my luck.


Don’t get me wrong…its not a walk in the park. It’s hard work. The research can takes days or weeks. I spend every waking hour reading books to meet deadlines. I edit, trim, ghost read, validate and publisize on a daily basis. And then there is the legal side of blogging to be considered.

In saying all those things I’m living the dream. I get to read and review books before they even hit the shelves. I’ve got contacts and friends through blogging that I never knew was possible and most importantly of all…I get to do what I love. What could be any more simple and satisfying than that.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read and browse Jewellbooks. To all the authors and publishers who trust me with there innermost workings and master pieces and to my travel buddies for helping me explore the globe. I am eternally grateful.

Love Janine at Jewellbooks



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