Cows by Dawn O’Porter

COW [n.]

A piece of meat; born to breed; past its sell-by-date; one of the herd.

Women don’t have to fall into a stereotype.
Tara, Cam and Stella are strangers living their own lives as best they can – though when society’s screaming you should live life one way, it can be hard to like what you see in the mirror.
When an extraordinary event ties invisible bonds of friendship between them, one woman’s catastrophe becomes another’s inspiration, and a life lesson to all.
Sometimes it’s ok not to follow the herd.
The Cows is a powerful novel about three women – judging each other, but also themselves. In all the noise of modern life, they need to find their own voice.

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This is a book like no other I have read before. Dawns writing is honest, virtuous and down to earth and given her history in TV presenting there is no subject too delicate, uncomfortable or unsettling. Cows follows the lives of Tara, Cam and Stella. Three woman utterly different in every way except for one…they are of the female species.

Tara is caught doing something private on a train. Something that predominately has a stigma surrounding it when it comes to woman and their sexualities and she is publically shamed for it. Stella who to me was driven to do crazy things because of the grief and fear than enveloped her and Cam, the self made celebrity. Known for her controversial but honest blog about woman and our behaviours and rights.

This is a book about feminism and not ‘following the herd’. Why should we? Why should we be shamed for something that men are praised for? Why should our futures be defined by what we do in our younger years? And why should we not strive to be ourselves every single day and be who we want to be? Why do we put our fellow females down and judge them on a daily basis. This book shows us that life if what we make it and how we must live with the choices we make. It is written with conviction and a remarkable honesty. Sisterhood at its very best.

DAWN O’PORTER is a novelist, columnist, broadcaster and designer who lives in Los Angeles with her husband Chris, son Art, cat Lilu and dog Potato. She has made numerous documentaries about all sorts of things: polygamy, childbirth, Geisha, body image, breast cancer and even the movie Dirty Dancing. She is the critically acclaimed author of Paper Aeroplanes and Goose.

Dawn launched ‘Help Refugees’ in 2015, a charity that sends urgent care to refugees across Europe. She is also the host of ‘Get It On’, a weekly podcast where she interviews interesting people about why they wear what they wear.


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