My Travel Wish List

I don’t claim to have been all around the world but I do plan to make a good attempt at it. My list is never ending and every day there’s a new place that I read about, see or hear about that has me obsessively google-ing the cheapest way to get there and the best things to do when I arrive.

The Northern Lights of Iceland – I’m a tad obsessed with these. A beautiful natural phenomenon.

northern lights

Hawaii for its beautiful beaches. This part of the world really needs no introduction.


Rio De Janeiro – the second largest city in Brazil. Famous for it’s
cinematic cityscape.

rio de janeiro

The Taj Mahal – doesn’t need any description. A world famous temple.

taj mahal

Halong Bay, Vietnam – simply beautiful, unique and mesmerising.

halong bay

The Great Wall of China – I don’t normally like anything too strenuous but love the idea of walking around these ancient walls.


Dubrovnik, Croatia – the most prominent tourist destination in the Mediterranean.


Santorini – with its white washed walls and views of the Aegean Sea.


4 thoughts on “My Travel Wish List

  1. What a fabulous list! I haven’t been to the see the northern lights. They are supposed to be brighter this winter than in a decade. Rio is just spectacular! it is hard to imagine a more beautiful city, although Cape Town is close.

      1. Yeah, the bad thing about these lists is the more you cross off, the longer the list grows. :-/
        I really really do recommend Halong Bay, I’ve never seen anything quite like that. I’m excited to hear your impressions of these places after you go.

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